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EPBRS : The European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy.

/During the Swedish EPBRS meeting, held in Visby from 29th Sept. to 1st Oct. 2009 the following recommendations were adopted by the participants:

 EPBRS recommendations on targets for biodiversity beyond 2010 (pdf)

/Proceedings of the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) Meeting, Visby, Sweden, from Sept 29-Oct 1 2009.

The Gothenburg European Council (2001) adopted the target to stop the loss of biodiversity by 2010. The Johannesburg summit (2002) stated that the current rate of biodiversity loss shall be significantly reduced by 2010. The 2010 target has mobilized action in many different areas, but the midterm assessment of the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Action Plan shows that biodiversity loss is not significantly reduced.

The meeting discussed how science can help policy makers setting new targets for biodiversity beyond 2010. It  generated recommendations on research priorities within the EU.

The meeting was organised by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Research Council Formas in collaboration with the Steering Committee of EPBRS. It will be sponsored by the Swedish Research Council and the Research Council of Norway. The meeting is an official event of the Swedish EU Presidency.

Background documents:

* E-Conference Short Report (pdf)   

* E-Conference Full Report (including all contributions) (pdf)   

* Targets for Biodiversity Beyond 2010 – Review and Cases in a European Context, Swedish background report (pdf)

Keynote presentations:

* Johanna Alkan Olsson: Implementation of the CBD and conflicts between targets (pdf)

* Susan Baker: Why Targets? Moving from a Thin to a Thick Analysis of Biodiversity Loss (pdf)   

* Anna Ledin: How can we use the outcome from EPBRS (pdf)

* Doug Wilson: Multi-level Marine Governance and Scientific Advice for the Effective Implementation of Biodiversity Targets: Experiences from Fisheries (pdf)