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EPBRS : The European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy.

Final recommendations of the EPBRS meeting under Spanish Presidency

Posted on Monday 03 May 2010 at 22:32

The EPBRS meeting under the Spanish EU Presidency was held in Mallorca (April  13-15 2010) and addressed the issue of "Evolution and Biodiversity: the evolutionary basis for biodiversity and its potential for adaptation to global change"

/During the Spanish EPBRS meeting, held in Mallorca from 12th to 15th of April 2010 the following recommendations were adopted by the participants:

 EPBRS recommendations on Evolution and Biodiversity (pdf)

/Short interviews of meeting participants are available at: http://evolutionandbiodiversity.blogspot.com/

/Proceedings of the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) Meeting, Mallorca, Spain, from April 12-15 2010.

Evolutionary processes are ultimate responsible for the generation and maintenance of biodiversity. However, they are rarely considered in management actions and policies aimed and preserving it and making use of the resources and services it provides. Forthcoming policies aimed at reducing the current loss of biodiversity and face the challenges posed by its interaction with climate change, food security or health security would benefit considerably from an explicit incorporation of current knowledge on evolutionary processes. From a proactive stand, the identification of existing knowledge gaps and sources of uncertainty that limit the incorporation of evolutionary knowledge to biodiversity and global change policies, and addressing them through targeted research programs, would enhance the potential success of such policies.

The meeting discussed how science can help policy makers identify priority areas for research on the interplay between evolutionary processes and biodiversity patterns in addition to the effect of anthropogenic pressures upon them. It will generate recommendations on research priorities within the EU.

The meeting was organized by the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) in collaboration with the Steering Committee of EPBRS. The meeting was an official event of the Spanish EU Presidency.

Background documents:

* E-Conference Short Report (pdf)   

* E-Conference Full Report (including all contributions) (pdf)


Meeting Programme and keynote presentations:

Download the meeting programme

Scott P. Carrol (Univ. of California, Davis)    Anthropogenic Nature: working with contemporary evolution

Rafael Zardoya (MNCN-CSIC, Spain)    Evolutionary     biology in biodiversity science, conservation, and policy

Sabine Hille, Andreas Tribsch & Stefan Schindler    Recommendations from the Annual Meeting of the Austrian Platform for Biodiversity     Research (BDFA)