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EPBRS : The European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy.

/During the French EPBRS meeting, held in Paris from 17th to 21st November 2008 the following recommendations were adopted by the participants:

Biodiversity and Industry (pdf, 34kb)

/Proceedings of the European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) Meeting, Paris, France, 18-21 November 2008.

 Monday, 17th November 2008

EPBRS Steering Committee Meeting
Biostrat General Assembly

Tuesday, 18th November 2008: Biodiversity : Industry meets Science

Introductory Speech of M. Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity

  • Biodiversity and Industry: the current situation

Plenary talk by Jean-Pierre REVERET, Prof. of Economy, University of Quebec, Montreal.

Panel discussion : Michel MASSONI, « Conseil général des ponts et chaussées », Meeddat. Infrastructures and Biodiversity- Nicolas VUILLIER, chair of the National Union of Granulate Producers  (UNPG) Granulate and Biodiversity - Kerry TEN KATE, coordinator of the Business and Biodiversity Offset Program (BBOP) Business and Biodiversity Initiative

  • Biodiversity and corporate strategy: the challenge

Plenary talk by Michel TROMMETTER, Research director of the National Insitute of agronomic research (INRA) : Integration of Biodiversity into corporate strategies – The guide Orée/IFB

Panel discussion : Harold LEVREL, researcher in the marin economy department, IFREMER, Brest : What indicators should we use to assess biodiversity integration? - Daniel BAUMGARTEN, executive director of the group Séché: The “strategy” as a prevention tool, does it work?- Jacques VARET, director of prospective at the geological and mining research bureau (BRGM): geological activities and biodiversity.

  • Biodiversity and compensation: ecological issues : economical issues

Plenary talk by Joshua BISHOP, senior adviser, Economics and the Environment, IUCN*** : State of the Art of economical methods and current projects addressing restoration and compensation.

Panel discussion : Sarah HERNANDEZ, « chargée de mission » Biodiversity at the Meeddat (D4E) : review of European and International existing mechanisms- Laurent  PIERMONT, Chief Executive Director of CDC Biodiversity : First experiences of compensation in France- Gilles MARTIN, professor at the university of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, attorney to the Nice Bar: The legal issues related to the compensation for damages caused to biodiversity

  • Biodiversity and compensation: ecological issues

Plenary talk by Luc ABBADIE, professor at the  « Ecole Normale » and at university Paris 6,  director of the Research Unit for Biogeochemistry and Ecology of Continental Environments (Bioemco): Ecological engineering and the industry.

Panel discussion : James ARONSON, Research director CNRS, Center for Evolutionary and Functional Ecology of Montpellier, Research unit Dynamics of ecological systems: a case study, review of field experiments worldwide- Sébastien GENEST, president of France Nature Environment, FNE,: Knowledge and governance as framework of compensation- Hélène BLANCHARD, vice-présidente de la Région Rhône Alpes : activités industrielles et politique régionale de conservation de la biodiversité.

Closing Speech by Bernard CHEVASSUS-AU-LOUIS, senior researcher INRA

Wednesday, 19th November 2008: EPBRS Meeting day 1

Plenary presentations

  • Paul LEADLEY : Ingénierie et biodiversité
  • Jean Louis WEBER, Agence Européenne de la Recherche : Biodiversity spatial accounting
  • Leon BRAAT, Alterra, Centre for Ecosystem Studies, Wageningen University and Research Centre: Cost to biodiversity of failure to act
  • François LAURANS, Veolia : l’eau et la biodiversité : besoins de formation et de recherche
  • Joel HOUDET, AgroParisTech: Interdependency indicators and biodiversity assessment of companies, a step towards integrating biodiversity into corporate strategies
  • Mr RADEMACHER, Ets HeidelbergCement: a German approach in business
  • Thierry JAQUET  Directeur de Phytorestore : Biodiversity to protect biodiversity
  • Jean Michel SALLES : French approach to biodiversity valuation

Thursday 20th and Friday 21st November 2008: EPBRS Working groups and plenary discussions

/Results of the E-conference "Biodiversity and Industry" from 6th to 24th of October 2008

    * E-Conference Short Report (pdf)
    * E-Conference Full Report (including all contributions) (pdf)